about us at the pet partnership

About Us

We both had pets when we were growing up and so, for us, they’ve always been an important part of any family.  Between us we had a rabbit called Fluff, two cats – Puss and Tuppence – a budgerigar called Joey, a tortoise called Mandy and three dogs – Sandy, Bonny and Sparky!

About us

As adults, we have pets of our own and have continued the theme of giving them excellent names – Darren and Colin – 2 beautiful Yellow Labradors, and Chip and Bailey – 2 barmy and bonkers Chocolate Labradors.

We first met in 1999 in a portacabin – long story!  Both of our careers over the years had focused on Customer Service.

That was to be the start of a 17-year working relationship and a lifelong friendship.  Throughout the 17 years, we have worked for several different companies, at various Senior Management levels and always within the Customer Services arena.

Also, during this time we realised our shared passion for animals.

Making The Dream A Reality

Linda says, “Di and I often daydreamed about setting up our own business and came up with lots of different ideas, each one involved looking after animals in some capacity, so we always knew that was where our real passion lay.”

Di says, “we decided to make the dream a reality and set up The Pet Partnership.  Our working experience to that point had given us such a good grounding in the true value of great Customer Service and the opportunity to combine that with working with animals was a massive attraction.”

We Are Different

That brings us up-to-date and we are extremely proud of the business we have set up.  We referred to our ethos of “Working Together for Pets” on our Home page, which we believe is important and fundamental to how we are different.  We work alongside local vets to understand the issues they face in pet health, what is important to them in an emergency, and the information they need.  We ensure these issues are covered on our Pet First Aid courses. We advise pet owners of the issues and the information required when we attend in our capacity of Pet Ambulance.  We believe this collaboration is the best way we can do the right thing for all pets.

We are also different in how we deliver our services. Our dog walks are interactive and the needs of each dog taken into account. Our pet sitting isn’t about sitting around in your house for an hour. We play and communicate with your pets as well as doing pooh pick up, washing out the pet bowls, wiping down surfaces, washing out litter trays and cages. We deliver your pet supplies and keep your cupboards stocked up.

We are different in our approach – we both have clear DBS checks, are Pet First Aid trained to Instructor level and have all the right insurances and liabilities in place.  We react to our Customer’s feedback and add Services we can offer in line with that.  Next year we will be looking to add the delivery of short courses around Holistic Health for Dogs as more and more people are looking at nutrition, touch therapies, herbal remedies and alternative medicines for their dogs.

We Are Proud

We are proud to be different through the company values we use as our guiding principles in how we behave and act. We incorporate things like Quality – always striving to exceed expectations. Integrity – be honest, honourable and do the right thing.

Enjoy your visit to our website.  Whilst browsing, if there’s anything you want or need, and can’t see it in either our Services or our Online Pet Store, contact us and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate you.