Pet Ambulance

Pet Ambulance

Welcome to The Pet Partnership – Pet Ambulance service. As owners, we understand your pets can get sick unexpectedly and you may not be able to get them to the Vets for the help they need quickly. This could be for several reasons – you can’t drive, your car is in for repairs, you’ve had a drink or it might be that you can’t drive and look after your pet at the same time.

For humans, we are fortunate to be able to call an ambulance, so at The Pet Partnership, we think you should be able to do the same for your pets.

Out of Hours Pet Ambulance Service

We run an ‘out of hours’ Pet Ambulance service to provide support for you during the more challenging times, covering 7pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday, all weekends and Bank Holidays. Your normal local Vets may well be closed during these hours, so we will transport your pet to your out of hours’ surgery.

Pet First Aid Instructors

As we are Pet First Aid trained to Instructor level, we will also make sure your pet receives any necessary treatment as soon as we reach you, before transporting them safely and comfortably to the Vets.

Our service doesn’t end there; once we are at the Vets we will wait until we have confirmation from you as to what the next steps are. Whether it’s to take your pet back home after treatment or to transfer your pet to one of the West Midlands Veterinarian Hospitals, we can stay and support them.

For us, this is about getting your pet the expert Veterinarian help they need as quickly as possible and supporting you, their owner, as best we can.

If you’d like to feel more confident when your pet gets sick, why not attend one of our Pet First Aid Training courses.

Authorised by DEFRA

We are fully insured and authorised by DEFRA to transport your pet.

The price of our pet ambulance will vary as each situation is different and will have varying elements such as how long it takes and where the ambulance needs to go to and from.  There is a standard £50 call out fee, an hourly rate and mileage fee.  We will always give you an estimated figure when you call us, and payment is made prior to an ambulance being dispatched.

Get in Touch

Our Pet Ambulance service is available to anyone within the Worcestershire areas.

For further information about this, or any of our services, please contact Linda or Di at The Pet Partnership on 07903 722 568 or email us via our contact form.