Pet Food Supply

Pet Food Supply & Delivery

Welcome to The Pet Partnership – Pet Food Supply & Delivery service. Keeping on top of your pet food and other pet supplies, whilst trying to juggle work and home life, can be time consuming so why not let us do it all for you!

We can keep your cupboard topped up with a regular supply.  All you need to do is tell us your preferred brands. Whatever you normally go to the Pet Store to buy, whether it’s food, treats, cat litter, seeds, small bedding, or anything else, we can supply for you!

As part of the service we find the most competitive prices and deliver the goods to you free of charge. We can  send a reminder text, when you start to run out, or simply deliver you some more. There are various ways you can pay. We can take a regular monthly payment, you can do a bank transfer before each delivery or we can take a card payment, whichever is easiest for you. We provide you with a detailed invoice, depending on how much we’ve delivered, so you can see what you’ve had and the savings you’ve made. Just something else you don’t have to worry about.

Pet Food Supply & Delivery – Price Benefit

We work with a number of suppliers who discount different products from time to time. We regularly check for the best deals and then buy in bulk, so we can pass savings onto you, meaning you get your preferred brands at a lower price! Try this service alongside our Dog Walking or Pet Sitting services.

Our Customer’s say…..“I have used Linda and Di at The Pet Partnership now for a while. They are an absolute Godsend – when we are away we know that our cats are in safe hands. Not only do they come in and feed them, but they spend time with them, and the cats have got to know them well and now look forward to cuddles! Far, far better than using a cattery which we have done in the past and it’s also a much more cost-effective alternative. We also make the most of the Pet Food Service and I have food and other supplies delivered by Linda and Di on a twice weekly basis. This saves me the hassle of fetching it myself, and again the cats look forward to the attention they always get. Your pets are in the safest hands with The Pet Partnership. I’d give them 10 stars if I could!” (Mary, Droitwich)

“Linda and Di were introduced to me by my vet 10 months ago. They stepped in at the last minute when one of my dogs was ill and could not be accepted into kennels. I have used their services ever since to help with looking after my 2 dogs and 3 cats. In addition to Pet Sitting, Linda and Di have taken animals to the vets on occasions when I could not get them there and they also supply me with pet food on a weekly basis. I cannot speak highly enough of Linda and Di and do not know what I would do without them. They are the most professional animal carers I have come across and over the months have become friends. The animals love them and I know when I am away the animals will be safe and happy.” (Christine, Hanbury)

Get in Touch

Our Pet Food Supply & Delivery service is available in Droitwich and surrounding areas.

For further information about this, or any of our services, please contact Linda or Di at The Pet Partnership on 07903 722 568 or email us via our contact form.