Pet Remembrance Service

Pet Remembrance Service

Welcome to The Pet Partnership – Pet Remembrance Service. At The Pet Partnership we understand the bond developed between you and your pet can be as close and important as a family member and therefore dealing with the loss of a pet can be a very difficult time. With our empathetic approach, we look to support you during this time in two ways.

Pet Remembrance Service – Advice & Support

It’s hard dealing with what’s happening as well as making decisions about what happens next. We’ve taken the time to investigate and understand the options available for you in terms of burial or cremation, and how and where this can happen, and can talk you through your options, depending on what you tell us you would like.

Celebrating Your Pet’s Life

We often find that once these arrangements are decided people also like to find their own special way of celebrating the life of their pet and saying their final goodbyes. We will talk through some ideas and options as to what this remembrance might look like and help support you to put it together. We appreciate this is very personal and a part of the healing process so will look to create everything bespoke to your needs, our aim being to take any stress out of the organising, so you can devote your time and energy to the day itself.

The Pet Partnership take great pride in the service we provide and always act with the respect and dignity that you and your pet deserve.

As this is a completely bespoke service our prices will be based on individual requirements.

Get in Touch

Our Pet Remembrance Service is available to anyone within the Worcestershire areas.

For further information about this, or any of our services, please contact Linda or Di at The Pet Partnership on 07903 722 568 or email us via our contact form.