Here are some Testimonials from our Customers.

Linda and Di were introduced to me by my vet 10 months ago. They stepped in at the last minute when one of my dogs was ill and could not be accepted into kennels. I have used their services ever since to help with looking after my 2 dogs and 3 cats. In addition to Pet Sitting, Linda and Di have taken animals to the vets on occasions when I could not get them there and they also supply me with pet food on a weekly basis. I cannot speak highly enough of Linda and Di and do not know what I would do without them. They are the most professional animal carers I have come across and over the months have become friends. The animals love them, and I know when I am away the animals will be safe and happy.

– Christine, Hanbury

A Customer of ours whose cat is Insulin dependent says…..Thank you for all your hard work with Dennis, you have gone above and beyond what I could have hoped for and it’s meant John and I have been able to fully relax this weekend. Thank you both again, we think you offer an outstanding service and I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have that extra level of support.

– Vikki, Bromsgrove

I have used Linda and Di at The Pet Partnership now for a while. They are an absolute Godsend – when we are away we know that our cats are in safe hands. Not only do they come in and feed them, but they spend time with them, and the cats have got to know them well and now look forward to cuddles! Far, far better than using a cattery which we have done in the past and it’s also a much more cost-effective alternative. We also make the most of the Pet Food Service and I have food and other supplies delivered by Linda and Di on a twice weekly basis. This saves me the hassle of fetching it myself, and again the cats look forward to the attention they always get. Your pets are in the safest hands with The Pet Partnership. I’d give them 10 stars if I could!

– Mary, Droitwich

I have been using Linda and Di for a while now and I feel absolutely at ease leaving our family pet in their care during the week. They treat him like part of their family and he is always so happy when they come. They have been able to shape their service to fit my budget, which is very helpful and demonstrates excellent customer service. It is this flexibility, balanced with their professionalism that has impressed me. They are very committed to taking the best care and so for these reasons, I have built up a good trusting relationship with them and will continue to use their services with pleasure.

– Terri, Worcester

5* trusted caring service, I would recommend these to anyone. I have two dogs and have used Di & Linda with them both, once was they took my 24-year-old dog to the vets for emergency treatment in their pet ambulance and the other was to take my Chihuahua puppy for her first lot of injections and to be microchipped. To me my dogs are part of my family and loved dearly and I know they treat all the animals they look after in a very loving professional kind way.

– Tina, Redditch

Pet First Aid Training Feedback

“Good pace to the day and very informative – a nice mix of theory and practical work.”
(Apr 2018)

“A great course, very well delivered and at a good pace. Good content but not overwhelming. I feel confident that I would be able to react to pet emergencies in the future much better that I would have previously.”
(Feb 2018)

“Very informative and not a hurried course, which was great. Now feel very confident should any of my dogs become sick.”
(Feb 2018)

“Very happy with the training provided. It was fun, informative and relaxed enough to be enjoyable whilst learning. Would be very interested in any future training.”
(Jan 2018)

“A great course which covered many aspects of First Aid which I found very useful and has given me more confidence for the future if I need to deal with a medical emergency prior to getting the animal to the vet.”
(Jan 2018)

“Very helpful course that has taught me a lot of new things. Really detailed and easy to follow and understand. Perfect people running the course.”
(Nov 2017)

“Really well presented and professional course. Excellent value for money and it answered a lot of questions I had.”
(Nov 2017)

“Linda is an experienced trainer and the course was well organised and delivered professionally. She involved the delegates, answered our questions and took time to ensure that we understood the content. Her natural humour made for a very enjoyable and beneficial half day course. Highly recommended.”
(May 2017)

“Highly recommend! Very informative! A must for all pet owners! Excellent instructors.”
(May 2017)